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This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill. Fifteen percent concentrated power of will. Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain. And a hundred percent reason to remember the name! #crossfit #southeast #regionals #saymyname #broah #swoleson @progenex @proanox @strengthwraps #hi #mynameis #what #mynameis #who #mynameis #slimshady (at 2013 CrossFit Southeast Regional)

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill. Fifteen percent concentrated power of will. Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain. And a hundred percent reason to remember the name! #crossfit #southeast #regionals #saymyname #broah #swoleson @progenex @proanox @strengthwraps #hi #mynameis #what #mynameis #who #mynameis #slimshady (at 2013 CrossFit Southeast Regional)

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Future Fun

Some exciting stuff coming up in the near future! 

This Friday marks the initiation of a little virtual partner throwdown series of Team Jeremy Kinnick and Nick Robles vs. Team Guido Trinidad and Noah Ohlsen, programmed by Doug Katona. Should be a cool little push and comparison to an identical duo on the opposite coast!

Guido and I also decided last minute that we’re going to make a little road trip up to Charleston, SC for Integrity’s Revenge, for what Guido says is hands down the best local comp he’s ever done. Should bring even more to the table in it’s second year. It will also be our first time going head to head in a competition! Training together without fail has been incredible and had made us both better as athletes and even closer as a broskiis. 

Competition schedule:

  • Integrity’s Revenge - Oct. 6th
  • Pantheon Games - Oct. 20-21
  • Banjo Beatdown - Oct. 27-28 (probably not)
  • UM vs. FAU Intercollegiate scrimmage - Oct. 27
  • OC Throwdown - Jan. 12-13
  • WODAPALOOZA - Jan. 19-20

WODAPALOOZA will be my last comp before the Open to let my body get in gear for training specifically for the big leagues! 

Anything going on in November or December!?

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Johnny Appleseed and Beat The Streets

1 day, 2 homies, 4 WODs. That’s that shit I DO like!

Big Jon Adams made his way down to the MIA this Friday for some WODskiis and a much needed hangout. Here they are in order:

For time complete

25 calorie row (buy in and cash out)

10-8-6-4-2 Clean and Jerk (185)

5-4-3-2-1 Muscle-Ups *between each round of the C&J

Noah - 10:17 Jon - 10:14

Rested about 30 min, then


Dumbbell Thrusters (40)  

*2 Bar Muscle Ups between each round of thrusters

Noah - 4:30 Jon - 4:30. Yeah, that’s a tie.

Rest 10 min, then


Toes 2 Bar

*50 yard farmers carry between each round of t2b w/ 70 lb. KBs

Noah - 8:26

Jon - 8:34

Finished with a spicy little partner WOD. Each partner completes 5 rounds of the following, but only 1 partner completes a round at a time, while the other partner is going for MAX cals on the airdyne. 

5 rounds for time of

2 Rope Climbs

10 GHD Medball wall toss situps (6 lb ball)

10 Bench Press (175)

Ended up finishing the whole deal in 21:03 with 418 calories. 

Miserable. But so good at the same damn time. 

This Sunday, today, he, Lauren Brooks, and I comprised Team Strength Wraps for West Palm Beach Steve’s Club Beat the Streets event! One big team chipper and a surprise WOD for the top five teams were in store for us. It was fun teaming up with them and going head to head with Team GLOC (had no idea what that stood for until today) made up of Jamie Gold, April Lowe, and Shana Alverson. It was a very well run event at BGI for a great cause! We ended up winning both the 1st WOD and 2nd WOD, which Jon and I did and has us in contention for a national Steve’s Club title! The 2nd WOD was a 10 min AMRAP, which could be broken up any way, with only one person working at a time of:

40 KB Swings (55)

30 Burpees

20 Chest 2 Bars

10 Front Squats (135)

And if that wasn’t enough…

I had to get in “Grace” for the Throwdown Games, so we went head to head on that..

I’ll post that video immediatly following this.

Thanks for checking in!

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The CrossFit Games Southeast Regionals 2012

It’s here. 

This weekend encompasses quite a few firsts. It is the first weekend of CrossFit Games Regional competitions around the world, kicking off with the Southeast, South Central, and Canada West. It will also be the first year that I attend and compete as an athlete, not as a volunteer and spectator. 

In opposition however, it will probably not be a weekend that holds a first place finish for me…

I’m never pessimistic and while there is absolutely no way to tell how things will go down, I know that I’m not 100% the best athlete I have the potential be as of yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 110% as ready as possible for this year, I just know that I have so much more room to grow and within the next couple years I’ll be coming back to win it all!

That being said, this is the biggest competition of my life and I have so many emotions leading up to it that it’s hard to put words to how excited I am. Like I said, I will be stepping into the arena this weekend in the zone with the game switch fully engaged. Every second of every day I’ve spent training, stretching, eating, reading, watching videos, sleeping, missing out on late night escapades, and such, primarily for my betterment as a CrossFit athlete, have all led up to this moment. Three days, two WODs each day, six chances to prove to myself and to the world that I am in the right place and on the path for greatness in this realm.

Wish me luck and I’ll do my absolute best to make you proud. 

Check back in here for updates and throughout the weekend for live coverage on the event!

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Games Day Training with the BIG DOGS

We had a “Games Day” down here in Miami with some of the Southeast Regional qualifier guys. We started with the muscle-up/snatch WOD and not by my choice, but upped all the snatch weights.. Started at 145 and went up 10 lbs every round to finish with 2 snatches at 185… And I wore a 5 lb Titin vest.. Bleh. Muscle ups were easy, didn’t fail once and broke the up only a few times. Rushed the snatches a bit and failed quite a few times at 175. Got too caught up in my surroundings and once I really focused on the bar at 185 I hit both without failure. Good good WOD. Gotta get used to HEAVY for Regionals..

We then hit the KBS/HS walk/dubs WOD and I moved pretty fluidly through everything, finishing with 3 full rounds, plus 20 kbs, a 30′ walk, and 12 dubs. Coulda done a little better, but as Khalipa would say, the “bro-sesh” pre-WOD just fatigued me too much (noted the one handed back handspring behind the loser doing the flex stretch routine)

Finished with a little concoction by big Jon Adams aka The Prez.

3 rounds for time of
2 rope climbs (15 ft)
3 sets of barbell complex (1 power clean, 1 hang squat clean thruster, 1 thruster) @ 185
15 toes thru rings

Time: Jon – 7:51. Noah – 9:25
Actually felt real good moving with the 185 like that. Not a blazing time, but again, I need to work heavy stuff and was able to hit all of the complexes unbroken b/w the 3 movements and without failure.

Goin’ “Hard In The Paint” gettin’ ready for that Southeast Regional in 27 dayz boiiii!

PS I competed in my 1st oly meet yesterday, the MIA Classic 2, USAW Sanctioned Olympic Style Weightlifting Meet at CrossFit Soul. Hit 2 PRs: a 91 kg snatch (200.2 lbs!) and a 117 kg c&j (275.4 lbs).

Snatch video with a little “Fuck YEAH” thrown in there at the end for Sir Rudy.

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