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Back In Business: 2013 CrossFit Games Training

Today marks the first of many great group training sessions for the 2013 CrossFit Games season. At my favorite spot on earth, Peak 360, gathered a group of friends and athletes to collaborate and throw down. After about an hour of tossing around WOD ideas, tweaking rep schemes, and foam rolling, we were ready to kick it off. Myself, Guido Trinidad, Dominic Maurici (a couple of his boys), Rey Fernandez, Jon Adams, Pierre “baybee”, Mica Huerta, Gaby Diaz, Virginia Trinidad, Jeff, and Brian pushed each other throughout the day. 

A nice warm up bodyweight WOD to get us warm and moving. 4 rounds for time of 12 wallballs, 12 chest to bar pullups, and 12 kb snatches (55). Quick little non stop burner. Dominic got me by 2 seconds with a time of 4:06 and everyone else finished up soon after that. Not too heavy or taxing, so of course the next one had to be a destroyer.

For WOD 2 we decided on 21-15-9 of back squats (275) and shoulder to overhead (165) followed immediately by a one mile run. HEAVY as the dickens. Struggled a bit moving that weight (back squats more than the shoulder to overhead) that many times but relatively satisfied finishing that up in 12:40 and then running a sub 8 min mile. That one definitely called for a mix of some Progenex More Muscle AND Recovery!

After some lunch, small talk, and a lot of laughter, the only ones that remained were Guido, Jon, Pierre, Virginia, Gaby, Mica, Jeff, and I. Perfect number of souls for a partner WOD. The title fight was Team Peak (Guido and I) vs. Team Hustle Hard (Jon and Pierre) and the battle commenced down as follows: For time, the team must complete 40 (toe to bar, muscle-up, dip) complexes, 40 stone to shoulder (145), and 40 burpee box jump overs (30). It played out exactly as I knew it would. Guido and I were “muuuuving” on the muscle up complex, then Jon and Pierre closed the gap on the stones, and it came down to a neck and neck fight on the burpee box jump overs. The G man and I prevailed in the end, thanks to our Doug Katona crafted motors! 

All in all, today was exactly what I needed it to be: GOOD WODs and GOOD times with GOOD people! As we approach the Open and regionals the frequency of these weekend throwdowns will increase dramatically and I’m looking forward to each and every one of them. Until then, stay tuned and to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FOLLOWERS AND FRIENDS, Happy Holidays! I genuinely hope that you enjoy everything about this time of year. 

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If you’ve been keeping up, you know that I’ve done quiiiite a few competitions in the past few months. I’ve felt fine throughout and was excited to get back on track and not have my programming interrupted. Things aren’t really going as planned..

The past 2 weeks, everything has felt off. I’m not hitting any of my numbers, cetrainWODs are harder than they should be, and all in all I have not walked away from a single workout fully satisfied with my performance. Very frustrating. 

After pushing aside Guido and a select few others telling me I needed to take time off, I finally came to the consensus that it might be the right thing to do. As much as I feel like a non-training day is a day in which I’ve failed to capitalize on an opportunity to improve myself. My mind and body need a little rest.

For the next 2 weeks, I’m going do NOTHING (outside of the OC Throwdown WODs that I need to do to qualify for that bad boy). We’ll see how it goes. Maybe a little light rowing here and there to get a sweat on and try not lose too many of those ab things..

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Time For a Break

After about 9 consecutive competitions with no more than 2 weeks rest between any two, it’s to to give my mind and body a little R&R. Out of those 9 competitions, I’ve made the podium in 8 of them. The sole spot I missed was absolutely on me, but part of me feels as though it may have been a bit of a fluke (I can expand later if need be). That aside, I’m honestly relatively satisfied with how things have been going. Great training, great competitions which give me that extra push, and great recognition and new found support. 

I do find it crazy however, how much room there is to grow. In a relatively new sport, competing for 2 years almost seems to make you a seasoned competitor. As I start to get a little more comfortable, weekends like these past two make me realize that I will never stop improving. A 10 lb PR clean at 285 that puts you in 10th place is hard to wrap your mind around. You want to be excited a big PR, but you’re now so far behind that you’ve gotta kick it into overdrive to catch up. That’s what I love about this sport though. Where the big guys excel and lock in a 1st place finish to my 10th, the next WOD will most likely be more suited toward me and flip the script. I digress.

Small mistakes also sink themselves deep into your psyche and can put you in a strange place mid-competition.

The first WOD of day two of the Banjo Beatdown had a ladder of deadlifts at 365 after a heavy sled push and ladder of deficit hspu. I fell behind a little, but caught up in the last minute, which is where I faltered. AJ Moore and I were head to head, both needing to complete 4 deads before time was called. And we did. However, the standard happened to necessitate showing control of the bar on the descent below the knee. With my head wrapped up in pulling the final excruciating lift with 5 seconds left, I locked it out and before my mind and body could connect to control the decent, the bar slipped from my finger tips.. I realized immediately that that one no rep was going to cost me big time (3 overall placement points) and for no less than an hour I sulked around with my hood up, brooding over my mistake. 

After a few conversations with some amazing people, friends, and athletes (Jaime Gold, Cheryl Nasso, and Guido Trinidad) I was finally able to get my mind right. Going into the final WOD in 5th place overall, I needed to  make MOVES. It was a “good WOD for me” but you never know how things will play out. 

The second it started I knew I had it. I just wanted it. Nonstop. You have to turn your body into a machine, made out of metal, that just does work, and doesn’t stop for anything. It felt so damn good to slam that bar down after the final jerk and sprint across the finish line with one finger in the air, to Fitness Lonnie over the mic saying, “Out of Peak 360 CrossFit, make some noise for Noah Ohlsen!”

I needed that. Redemption was the main thing on my mind this weekend. 

Now that that relatively selfish desire has been fulfilled, it’s time for a break. 

No competitions until Clash of the Fittest on Dec. 1st and then OC Throwdown and WODAPALOOZA in January as the last ones before the Open.

Until then, I’ll be simply enjoying life and kicking training into high gear with Mr. Trinidad as we follow Doug Katona’s master plan to get us both out to that thing they call The CrossFit Games…

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Integrity’s Revenge - The Battle of Charleston Harbor (Day 2)

With a big day ahead, I finished last night’s post and went straight to bed, sleeping through the night. All 9 hours of it. A late start to today, Sunday, the final day of competition, allowed us to go into our final two WODs well rested. 

WOD 4. The chipper: 25 KB Swings (70), 25 SDLHP, 25 burpees, 15 DB Snatch (65), 15 DB  Clean and Jerk, 175 Meter Run, 25 Box Jumps (20”), 30 Double Unders, 15 Thrusters (135) for time. 


This being the only WOD prior to the final unannounced workout for the top 6 athletes, I needed to lock myself in a solid spot to stay in contention. And I knew I could. I like chippers; you’ve only got one shot at each movement, and then you get to mix it up and rest whatever body part you had just fatigued. This one in particular was also relatively light weight and played to a few other of my strengths. Most importantly, it’s just kind of a motor WOD, where you tell yourself you’re a machine and you just do work without stopping until it’s all over.

The only thing that was a little sneaky here was the DB C&J. Going from the one fluid motion of the snatch, right into an emphasized pause at the shoulder, was a little hard to wrap your mind around in the moment. That aside, everything else was unbroken until those thrusters. A 135 thruster is normally not heavy, but after all the rest of that it was a little more taxing than normally. The whole WOD I was in second place, closely trailing Schrader. Within the last minute, that Trinidad guy gave me a little scare. I was breaking the thrusters into fives and may have been a bit too content, until I heard the announcer, Travis, say that Guido was cranking his out unbroken. I looked back and saw him working. Nate, who had just finished and was sitting down, urged me “he’s gonna catch you”, so I hopped my ass back on the bar and banged out my last five reps, literally ONE rep ahead of Guido.

Boom. Second place. Now it’s down to one WOD. No one knew what it was yet, but there was a set up consisting of a barbell and a swinging pullup bar. The top six men, in order, going into it were Guido Trinidad, Nate Schrader, yours truly, Jonathan Morgan, Travis Mayer, and Andrew Duffy. Thirty minutes prior to go time, they announced the WOD (and the fact that it would count for 5 times more than any one workout thus far).

Pressure. The top 2 couldn’t really move around too much, but this really left that 3rd place spot up for grabs. All I kept telling myself was that I had to earn it right here. More than anything, I didn’t want to let people down. Friends and family had been checking on me and supporting me all weekend and I needed to make them proud. So I did just that.

5 minute AMRAP: 4 Power Cleans (175), 6 Wallballs (13’), and 8 Chest To Bar Pullups on the swinging pullup bar.

321 Go. Five minutes is not a lot of time, so it was pretty much a sprint from rep to rep. I knew that if Jonathan beat me on this one, it was him over me on the podium, and he was leading me the entire time, until about the last two minutes. I don’t know when it happened, but I slowly crept ahead and finished, collapsed on the floor, in third place, behind Travis and Nate.

I wasn’t 100% certain, but I was thinking that the way points broke down that I had earned my spot. This is how Brian Kost, who ran the event, announced it. “Tight race, within single reps on the last WOD, here are your men’s RX winners. Making the drive up from south Florida, in third place, we have Noah Ohlsen! And in the car with him, in second place, Guido Trinidad, and in first place, the Viking, Nate Schrader!”


I can’t explain how content it feels to stand on a podium alongside two CrossFit Games athletes. Even more so, it was an incredible feeling to be up there with Guido. Training with each other like mad men for the past few months and this was our first comp that we’ve done head to head. So for us to both come from out of state and occupy 2 spots on the podium, was pretty damn cool.  Much much love for all the support from EVERYONE all weekend, and I look forward to duking it out with all the beasts that competed in the near future.  An awesome event and an awesome time. I hope this was a moderately enjoyable/exciting recap to scan over. More pictures on the instagram, hit me with a follow @nohlsen!

Hangin’ with the boys, Jonathan Morgan and Travis Mayer. Thanks for the push on every workout gents! 

Our celebratory cheesecake, brownie, and pie!

Next stop, The Pantheon Games. 

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Integrity’s Revenge - The Battle of Charleston Harbor (Day 1)

Guido, Virginia, and I ended our ten hour trek from Miami, FL to Charleston, SC fairly late last night and showed up for day one running on about 6 hours of sleep, if that..

But the competition started of with a bang. A 1RM snatch and front squat at 9 am? Why not! Went into it wanting to PR both and honestly felt like I could have, but time itself wasn’t feelin’ it today. Only 7 minutes to find a 1RM in both lifts left me feeling a little rushed and while I was able to match my PRs on both (215 snatch and 305 front squat) I was a little bummed being so far behind most guys in our final heat that hit at least 225. Thank the CrossFit Gods that after the 7 minutes was up, we had 2 minutes to perform MAX muscle-ups, each adding 5 lbs to your total. I was able to bang out 21, which left me with a total of 625 and a very “eh” 8th place on WOD 1.


In my mind, I needed to smash every thing else outside of the max lifts to earn my spot on the podium, and believe you me, I WANT a spot on this podium. 

WOD 2 was a 4 min AMRAP of burpee box jumps with a 500 meter row buy in. Nate Schrader, being a tall son a gun, was first off the rower and cranking em out, and from Travis’ announcing, Guido was neck in neck with him and I was relatively close behind. Finding a final kick in the last 30 seconds, I was able to get in 41 reps for a 3rd place finish to their 46 reps tying them for 1st. 


WOD 3 was kinda my thang. For some reason, I’m innately pretty good at overhead stuff and this one was a 21-15-9 of OH Squats and Shoulder to OH, both at 115, with an overhead walk to transport the bar to the shoulder to overhead station, and front lunges to get the bar back to the OHS station between every set. I came out blazing and was either in or tied for the lead back and forth with Guido, Nate, and Travis. Keeping the bar off the ground for as long as possible, even on the transitions, worked well but taxed my shoulders a tad and Nate and Guido finished just seconds ahead of me. It was still pretty cool hearing Travis, the announcer for the Games, saying “Schrader finishes first, followed closely by Trinidad, and right behind them to round out the top three, is Ohlsen!” Hopefully that’s how it all wraps up at the end of the day tomorrow!


Recovering between WODs with Progenex and fruit, and my body’s feeling great. So I’m now sitting in either 3rd or 4th place and I knew that the final workout for the day, WOD 3.5 should bea good one for me. Four separate skill/hold stations, each with a 1:45 sec cap: 1) Rogue ball hang hold, 2) L-sit hold, 3) Plate pinch hold (45), 4) Handstand hold.

Never having done the ball hang before I didn’t really know what to expect, but on sheer will, I was able hold on longer than anyone.


Then, the L-sit was another battle between Guido and I at the end and he edged me out by a few seconds, holding for over a minute.image

Plate hold, eh. 


Finally, the handstand hold. A max attempt with only one mulligan. We had a 4x6 mat that we had to stay on the whole time. EPIC. Once again, Guido and I duking it out, like we do every day. I was pretty steady for about a solid 40 seconds and then I lost the stillness and started walking around like crazy, but keeping on the mat. Fitness Lonnie was keeping us posted saying that Guido and I were both still up and had passed the one minute mark. Just holding on enough to get him, after well over a minute, I heard them say he went down, and I still kept it going for another 10 seconds.

Adding all of the hold times together, I ended up with my first 1st in WOD 3.5. image

Day one wrapped up and we’re both feeling pretty good. Having a lot of fun, working hard, and spending good time with good people.


Tomorrow we have two WODs. A chipper to open up and then a final unannounced WOD for the top 6 men. 

I need to and will hold my spot. Earn that honor of stepping up onto a podium with two CrossFit Games athletes, proving to everyone, but mostly myself, that I’m getting there. 

Stay tuned. 

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