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Paleo Personal Chef at Peak 360!

I know some of you are saying, “Pft! What are you, nuts? I can barely afford Subway, let alone a personal chef.” Well amigos, I’m here to tell you that for just about the same price as one of those nifty 5 dollar footlongs, you can have yourself a fully cooked, organic/paleo, gourmet meal delivered daily! 

Peak 360 was lucky enough to stumble upon Serving The Soul, a paleo based meal delivery service run by Marcos(<—click here for an email link so you can order yourself some ideal meals!), right here in Miami. He cooks up dozens of fresh, healthy meal variations a day, which are then delivered personally to your doorstep, office, or CrossFit “box”. That’s right, delivered to your door. That 9-5 can be killer. Throw in a butt-kicking WOD, and the last thing you’ll want to go home and do is slave over the hot stove. Look no further, because these fully cooked meals can be eaten cold right out of the refrigerator, or warmed up in the microwave in seconds!  A few example meals pictured below: paleo protein berry pancakes, grilled steak fajitas, baked tiplapia with asian stir fry veggies, and finally, an aesthetically pleasing set up of scrambled eggs with roasted peppers and ham.

Whether or not you’re getting a healthy meal will never be a question. No matter the type of food that comprises your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’re eating something that’s optimum fuel for your body. Be it chicken fajitas or Italian egg-white frittatas, the paleo theory upon which STS’s meals are based, are primed to supplement your crossfit training and help you build lean muscle, while simultaneously shedding pounds of fat!

Back to the pricing. So you’re a college student like me, huh? Perfect, you only have to pay $75 a week, averaging out to about $300.00 a month! That’s full sized, fully cooked, healthy, and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your door, that you’re paying less for than the “leftover special” at the dining hall! The average adult who’s got a job and is void of a daunting college tuition is able to acquire the same yummy-ness for about 5 buckeroos a meal! So the workin’ momma can have a healthy dinner out on the table for herself, the kids, and hubby, all with a few second of prep time! Now you’re saying, “Five dollars a meal? Must not get much food..” Wrong again my friends! You avid crossfitters need big, full, well-rounded meals to support your active lifestyles. Marcos’ meals always come with a good sized portion of a lean protein and lots of veggies. 

So, let’s do the math here to sum things up (no pun intended!) Delicious+healthy+cheap+delivered+no cooking=Easy/Amazing meals that will leave your stomach and wallet full, but keep you looking nice and fit.Plus, who doesn’t want to brag to their friends that their food was made by their very own personal chef!?

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Mr. Clean…

….Eating that is.

Athletes in general, but crossfitters in particular, require a certain diet to support their extreme activity. As CF began taking root around the country, trainers realized this, and adopted their very own diet to accommodate their new lifestyle. Dubbed the “Paleo Diet”, this clean eating plan essentially strives to imitate the eating habits of our great, great, great, great, great grandparents; the cavemen. The exact definition from is as follows, “The optimum diet for the human animal based on the nutritional requirements established during its evolutionary path to its present form (the modern homo sapiens). The biologically appropriate diet.

Eating paleo consists of foods that were typically eaten prior to agriculture and the extreme processing of many of the foods we see in the supermarkets today.  This includes meat, fish, eggs, tree nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, berries, etc. The only beverage considered paleo, is Bobby Boucher’s favorite, “high quality H2O!”

Consistently eating strict Paleo can be quite difficult, so CrossFit provides another prescription in the Zone Diet by Barry Sears, which focuses mainly on how foods are proportioned. The foods recommended to accompany the Zone are, “meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.” The CrossFit Journal goes as far as saying, “CrossFit’s best performers are Zone eaters. When our second-tier athletes commit to “strict” adherence to the Zone parameters, they generally become top-tier performers quickly.

Whichever way you choose to eat, be it for performance, weight loss, or overall health, start now by making it clean. Once you get yourself going on the right track, take the time to make little tweaks and adjustments tailored to your lifestyle and goal. As CrossFit HQ coach Justin Bergh put it, “you owe it yourself to try it at least once.”

Now’s that time. You won’t regret it.

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calfzilla asked: Hey man. I've been using Jack3d since June. I like the stuff. I've also been using an arginine pill before workouts since it seems to help with exercise. I was wondering if you had any favorite preworkout sups? I've seen things like Armageddon and Assault that sound awesome (I love the names, being an RPG/video game nerd haha).

Hey budd, I’ve experimented with quite a few pre-workouts in my day, and recently I’ve found my favorite to be… FOOD. That’s right, the stuff you eat not drink. And that’s no fancy acronym for Freakishly Ominous Overweight Destruction, or anything of the sort. A solid pre-workout meal about and hour and a half to an hour before gives you more clean and useful energy than and NO product out there. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t completely given up on the supps, I just got a free trial of VPX’s new Anarchy (a name which I’m sure you’ll enjoy) and I plan on giving that a shot. But for now, with my CrossFit training and semi-Paleo attempts, the cleaner the better.

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